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About the Tolland Education Foundation (TEF)




The Tolland Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, was created in January 2004. This organization works with, but is independent of, existing school administration and parent groups. TEF is a member of the Connecticut Consortium of Education Foundations and joins over 70 local education foundations state-wide. There are currently more than 4,800 school foundations in the United States.


Q. What is the Tolland Education Foundation?
A. The Tolland Education Foundation (TEF) was established in 2004 as an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  Comprised of a diverse board of volunteers – parents, empty-nesters, business people, and other community members-TEF is committed to enhancing the educational experience for Tolland’s children.

Q. Where does the Foundation get its funds?
A. TEF seeks donations from individuals, businesses, private grant sources, and through fundraising activities.

Q. What is the Foundation's purpose?
A. The purpose of the foundation is to raise funds and award grants to provide students with innovative learning opportunities that are beyond the conventional resources or our public schools.

Q. Why does Tolland need a Foundation to support education?
A. As a valuable community resource, TEF:

  • Engages new partners and deepens community support for schools.
  • Augments traditional public funding.
  • Funds programs not normally included in the school or municipal budgets.
  • Provides tax-deductible opportunities to support Tolland’s children and educational programs.
  • Promotes public/private partnerships and enables Tolland's Public Schools to benefit from corporate grants gifts

There are more than 80 local education foundations in Connecticut. TEF is a member of the Connecticut Consortium of Education Foundations.

Q. What is the Foundation's relationship with the Board of Education?
A. TEF is a non-political entity independent of both the Board of Education and the schools. TEF may supplement current school board priorities but it is not a substitute for them, nor is it simply a routine alternative funding source. TEF seeks to seed promising pilot projects and encourage innovation in teaching and learning.

Q. Is the idea for an Education Foundation unique to Connecticut?
A. No. There are over 4,800 education foundations with similar missions in the United States. There are more than 80 education foundations statewide.

Q. How can someone contribute?
A. Individuals, businesses, community groups, and civic organizations are invited to become supporters with a tax-deductible contribution. Volunteers and pro-bono services are welcome. Contact for more information.