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Grant History Cont.



SMART Board - Provided one SMART interactive electronic whiteboard teaching tool that interfaces with a computer. This is the first SMART Board to be installed at Birch Grove
Barna - Birch Grove Primary School

Read Naturally Lab - Provided 15 4GB MP3 players with cases and AC adapters, and 30 reading timers to create a lab to foster independent student reading using the Read Naturally program software already owned by the school
Kolasinski/Bagley - Tolland Intermediate School

Graphing Calculators and Smart View Software - Provided 10 sets of Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculators and Smart View software to enable interactive teaching of calculator operation and to enable analysis of data and mathematical models at a higher level of understanding
Leary - Tolland High School

World Drumming - Provided funds to purchase percussion instruments (including shekere, maracas, bongos, claves, talking drum and tubano) to be used in new World Music Percussion program
Socha (Originally submitted by Wattel) - Tolland Middle School

World Language Museum of Francophone and Hispanic Art - Provided for framing upgrade and additional pieces of art work
Ehler - Tolland High School

Cicero: History Beyond the Textbook - Provided 7 subscriptions to web-based American history teaching aid that provides teachers and students with maps, visuals, lesson plans, music and primary source documents
Olsen - Tolland Intermediate School, Tolland Middle School and Tolland High School - Various grades

SMART Boards - Provided 1 additional SMART interactive electronic whiteboard. $4,000 of which provided by Newman's Own Foundation
Tyl - Tolland Intermediate School

SMART Boards - Provided 2 SMART interactive electronic whiteboards that interface with a computer. The Science Coordinator will train teachers in the use of the SMART Boards, which will be available to all teachers and students in the school
Tyl - Tolland Intermediate School


Broadcast Journalism Equipment - Provided computer workstations, tripod and microphone for new 9-week television broadcast journalism elective program. Students will use the equipment to plan, shoot and edit 50-second TV news stories, which will be submitted to FOX 61 Student News.
Ehler - Tolland High School

World Language Museum of Francephone and Hispanic Art - Provided 40-50 framed artwork posters to be displayed in the World Language hallway. Students will use the art as a context and focal point for developing oral and written skills. It will also promote cultural awareness and tolerance.
O'Brien - Tolland High School

World Explorer Carpets - Provided 9 8'4" X 11' carpet floor maps of the world with continents and oceans labeled for second grade classrooms to aid in the instruction of geography.
Olsen - Birch Grove Primary School

Document Cameras - Provided 8 document cameras to be used by the English, Science, Math and Social Studies departments
Paul - Tolland High School

Little Bear Snowshoes - Provided 30 pairs of award-winning snowshoes specially designed for younger children. The snowshoes will expose students to a new form of exercise and will be incorporated into science, language arts, winter physical education, recess, team building and other activities.
Stevens/Dunn - Tolland Intermediate School

Choral Risers - Provided six sets of choral risers for Tolland Middle School. (Rockville Bank Foundation contributed $1,200 toward the grant). The risers will enable up to 96 students to stand in multi-level tiers while giving performances.
Stewart - Tolland Middle School

Multiple Intelligences Book Collection - Provided a collection of ficiton and non-fiction books that support the theory that the traditional notion of intelligence based on testing is far too limited. The Multiple Intelligences theory enhances and enriches topics to include more artistic and creative ways of looking at the world.
Hill - Tolland Intermediate School

Digital Senders & Disktop Computers - Provided 1 HP 9100C Digital Sender and 2 desktop computers for the Tolland schools donated by Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, LLC. Estimated value = $1,150.
Leege - District-wide


Document Cameras - Provided 4 document cameras that enable photography and projection of 2-D and 3-D teaching materials onto a white board.
Mickiewicz - Tolland High School

Project Adventure - Provided 8X20 foot traverse low ropes climbing wall to be used to teach team building and promote strength and fitness in the physical education curriculum and after school programs.
Keithan - Birch Grove Primary School


Coulum -Tolland Middle School

Computers, Reading Counts, Others
Leege - District Wide

Outdoor Play Equipment
Shumate -Tolland High School

Andre Garant Workshop
Jasion -Parker School

Braidy Dolls
Drobney - Birch Grove Primary School

Computers from Aetna & KKC
Leege -District Wide

Health Fair
Silverman -Parker School

Computer podiums with tablet laptops - 2 Units
Bosco - Birch Grove Primary School

Computer Podiums - 2 Units
Rosenzweig -Tolland Middle School

Book Collection for Library with Rockville Bank
Whitmore-Stevens -Tolland High School

First Biographies Pack (2 Book Sets)
Rallo - Birch Grove Primary School

Leeds -Tolland High School

Breaking Down Print Barriers
Sayers -District Wide

Mobilizing Instructions
Rosenzweig -Tolland Middle School

Madigan/Gramling - Birch Grove Primary School

Writing Workshop
Desy -Tolland Middle School